1. Introduction

At AC Cleaning Services LLC, we are committed to ensuring our customers’ utmost satisfaction with our services. We understand that sometimes circumstances change or expectations might not be met, and it’s essential to have a clear and fair policy in place to address these situations. This Refund Policy outlines the conditions under which refunds may be granted, the process for requesting a refund, and our commitments to our valued customers.

2. General Refund Conditions

a. Eligibility for Refund:

  • Service Quality: If you believe that the quality of the service provided was not up to the standards promised, please report the issue within 24 hours of service completion. We will investigate the matter, and if your claim is validated, we will offer a re-service or a partial/full refund, depending on the situation.
  • Non-Provision of Service: If we are unable to provide the service you booked due to unforeseen circumstances on our part, you are entitled to a full refund.

b. Refund Amount:

  • Partial Refunds: In cases where only a portion of the service was unsatisfactory or not provided, we may offer a partial refund corresponding to the value of the unrendered or unsatisfactory service.
  • Full Refunds: Full refunds are typically granted when we fail to provide the booked service entirely or if there’s a significant discrepancy in the service provided.

c. Refund Method:

  • Original Payment Method: Refunds will be processed back to the original method of payment, whether it be a credit card, bank transfer, or other means.
  • Processing Time: Please allow up to 45 days for the refund transfer to be completed, depending on your bank’s policies and procedures.

d. Non-Refundable Situations:

  • Late Cancellation: If a booking is canceled with less than the stipulated notice period (as mentioned in our Cancellation Policy), the cancellation fee, if any, is non-refundable.
  • Change of Mind: If you change your mind about a service after it has been completed and there’s no fault on our part, refunds will typically not be granted.

3. Procedure for Requesting a Refund

a. Reporting the Issue:

  • Timely Notification: If you encounter any issues with the service provided, it’s crucial to notify us within 24 hours of service completion. This allows us to promptly address and rectify the situation.
  • Contact Channels: You can report your concerns via email at info@ac-cleaning.ae or by calling our customer service team at 058 875 4060.

b. Providing Necessary Details:

  • Description of the Issue: Please provide a detailed account of the problem you faced, including any specific areas or aspects of the service that were unsatisfactory.
  • Supporting Evidence: If possible, provide photographs, videos, or other forms of evidence that can help us understand and validate your claim.

c. Review and Investigation:

  • Internal Review: Once we receive your refund request, our team will review the details and may contact you for further information.
  • Service Team Feedback: We may also consult with the service team that attended to your booking to gather their feedback and perspective on the reported issue.

d. Communication of Decision:

  • Notification: After a thorough review, we will inform you of our decision regarding your refund request. We aim to process all refund requests and communicate our decision within 7 working days.
  • Options: Depending on the situation and the outcome of our review, we may offer a re-service, a partial refund, or a full refund.

e. Processing the Refund:

  • Initiation: If your refund request is approved, we will initiate the refund process immediately.
  • Duration: As mentioned earlier, please allow up to 45 days for the refund to reflect in your account, depending on your bank’s policies.

4. Exceptions and Limitations

a. Service Customizations:

  • Special Requests: If you have requested specific customizations or deviations from our standard services and are not satisfied with the outcome, refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. It’s essential to ensure that any special requests are communicated and documented at the time of booking.

b. External Factors:

  • Uncontrollable Circumstances: AC Cleaning Services LLC will not be held liable for dissatisfaction arising from external factors beyond our control. This includes but is not limited to, pre-existing stains or damages, interruptions due to power outages, or issues caused by third-party products or equipment you’ve provided.

c. Non-Refundable Services:

  • Specific Services: Some specialized services or promotional offers may be non-refundable, as explicitly mentioned at the time of booking. Please ensure you read and understand any specific terms associated with such services.

d. Multiple Refund Requests:

  • Frequency: If we notice an unusually high frequency of refund requests from a single customer or address, we reserve the right to decline further bookings or to investigate the situation more thoroughly before processing any refunds.

e. Misrepresentation:

  • False Claims: Any attempt to misrepresent facts, provide false evidence, or make deceitful claims with the intent of obtaining a refund will result in the immediate termination of services and may lead to legal action.

5. Changes to the Refund Policy

a. Policy Updates:

  • Revision Rights: AC Cleaning Services LLC reserves the right to update or modify this Refund Policy at any time to reflect changes in our practices, and services, or response to legal, technical, or business developments.
  • Notification: Significant changes to this policy will be communicated on our website, ac-cleaning.ae, and, where appropriate, through email notifications. We encourage our customers to review this policy periodically to stay informed about our refund practices.

b. Acceptance of Changes:

  • Continued Use: Your continued use of our services after any changes to this Refund Policy signifies your acceptance of the updated terms. If you disagree with any changes, you have the option to discontinue using our services.

c. Effective Date:

  • Policy Version: This Refund Policy is effective as of 2 June 2023. Any changes will be updated with a new effective date to help our customers identify the most recent version.

6. Contact Information

a. Reach Out to Us:

  • Open Communication: At AC Cleaning Services LLC, we value open communication and are always here to assist you. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding this Refund Policy or any of our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

b. Contact Channels:

  • Email: For detailed inquiries or to provide written feedback, you can email us at info@ac-cleaning.ae. We aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours.
  • Phone: For immediate assistance or to speak directly with our customer service team, please call us at 058 875 4060.
  • Postal Address: For formal correspondence or documentation, you can send mail to:

AC Cleaning Services LLC
1005 Al Fattan Plaza,
Garhoud, Dubai, UAE

c. Feedback and Suggestions:

  • Continuous Improvement: We are always looking for ways to enhance our services and policies. Your feedback is invaluable in this endeavor. If you have suggestions on how we can improve or adapt our Refund Policy, we would love to hear from you.